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Harmony Ball Pendants & Necklaces

A harmony ball is a chiming Sterling Silver sphere that creates a tinkling chiming sound, used to induce relaxation and release stress. Harmony balls were designed by the ancient Celtics and were called Druid bells.

Harmony Balls and Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Pendants

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 Just some of the Fantastic Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Pendant designs in our storeharmony ball selection

This is a MUST READ ARTICLE .... Beware 'Fake Sterling Silver' Harmony Balls

As it is with many other items, Chinese manufacturers are producing ‘copies’ of Balinese Harmony Ball pendants (and have been for many years now), and the deception is that these copies are NOT made from Sterling Silver – they are merely ‘coated’ with sterling silver. These Harmony Balls are made from a poor quality Brass alloy or Alpaca, a low grade material made from a hotch botch of minerals (often passed off as Sterling Silver) and then coated. These fake sterling silver Harmony Balls are found on all types of sites on the internet, some are big name reputable sites      (read more before you spend money on a harmony ball)


Fantastic Sterling Silver Harmony Ball Pendant designs - these new fashion jewellery Harmony Balls produce a soft, soothing chime when the pendant moves with your movements. Elegant and fashionable, these Harmony Ball necklace pendants are fast becoming a desired piece of fashion jewellery - and jewelry that tells a story, a wonderful conversation piece. (great Mothers Day gift idea for Mothers Day Australia)

The Sterling Silver "casing" containing the harmony ball comes in either a Sterling Silver solid casing style where the harmony ball is fully enclosed or the open style ornate Sterling Silver casings where the coloured Harmony Ball is visible. Both types come in various ornate styles in addition to the very popular smooth polished silver harmony ball.

The finely worked silver casing holds a smooth ball that, when it moves, is believed to create a feeling of harmony in the wearer. The harmony ball is particularly beneficial for pregnant women, as it is thought to calm the baby, but it can be worn by anyone and is a popular Mothers Day Gift also.

Elegant and Fashionable these harmony ball pendants are available in a range of designs and colours - as Pendants or with Silver Chains or Leather Necklace cords as complete Harmony Ball Necklaces. Buy the Harmony Ball Pendant on its own to use with your own chain or leather necklace or buy it as a complete Harmony Ball Necklace choosing your style of chain from our range of quality Leather Necklace Cords and Sterling Silver Chains.

HARMONY BALLS: Dream Bells, Wish, Harmony, Fairy or Chime Balls? Whatever makes this delightful sound, these gorgeous tinkly balls enchant anyone who hears them!

What is a Harmony Ball?


A harmony ball is a charming figurine necklace that resembles something in the world. Each necklace is highly detailed and finely colored. They contain a bell which vibrates gently when you move. This is said to create a feeling of calm or "harmony" in whoever wears it. There are many types of harmony balls for sale online.

The traditional harmony ball originates from Bali. It is a symbol of calm and relaxation, and has been used by pregnant women there for centuries. The traditional harmony ball is a small silver heart-shaped ball that hangs from a black leather cord. It is about a quarter inch in circumference and height. The ball is finely detailed and beautiful. The small bell inside rings against the silver and creates a slight yet beautiful sound. Like wind chimes, the sound is subtle but noticeable and is sure to make even the most nervous person relax.

Celtic Harmony Ball - The ancient Celts first used chiming spheres as meditative devices. Gently shaking the spheres to create a mystical bell-like sound which was a way to communicate with nature. Then in the early 20th Century, a German silversmith found an original Durid Bell in an antique shop and recreated the spheres in small quantitites. Harmony Balls have continued this tradition with individually handcrafted chiming spheres and jewellery. Use them to reduce stress, introduce tranquility and intrigue to your wardrobe, or to carry music wherever you go. From 16 weeks gestation a baby can hear sounds external to the mother's tummy. The Harmony Ball can gently stimulate and relax baby as well as the mother.

More information about Harmony Balls can be found at the Harmony Ball Blog


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more information / articles about Harmony Balls can be found in the links below

Harmony Ball Meaning: The Harmony Ball Story - Harmony Ball Pendants worn as necklaces have been used in various cultures for centuries by pregnant women and hence harmony balls are often called pregnancy harmony ball pendants. Pregnant women in Bali and Mexico (known there as Bola Necklace or Angel Caller) are known to traditionally wear these harmony balls when pregnant. It is typically is made from sterling silver and contains a small bell like item that emits very subtle but audible chimes with movement, not unlike the sound of wind charms in a very soft breeze. ..... read more

Harmony Ball and a Dream Ball | What is the Difference?- Is there a difference between a Harmony Ball and a Dream Ball? Is the difference significant enough to have two different names for very similar items of jewellery? Firstly let’s examine what a Harmony Ball is. It is a common piece of jewellery in both Balinese and Mayan (Mexican) cultures, in Mexican culture it is call a Bola. The Harmony Ball also has origins in Celtic culture where it was known as a Druid Bell ....... read more

Harmony Ball Earrings - Harmony Ball Pendants are typically worn as necklaces however the unique charm of the Harmony Ball is also available as Earrings ..... read more

Hinged Opening Style of Harmony Ball- Some Harmony Ball styles are hinged on one side with a latch on the other thus allowing the cage of the Harmony Ball to be opened. Many Harmony Balls have a solid outer skin, i.e. they have a solid outer just like a basketball, football tennis ball etc with a hollow inner. These are often very ornate with various types of symbols and characters embossed on the outside and come in various sizes. The hinged opening style of Harmony Ball differs in that the outer skin is more like a cage and made of either a Sterling Silver wire or thin sheet ..... read more

How a Traditional Harmony Ball is Made- Harmony Ball pendants are generally made by traditional Silversmiths in small villages in certain regions of Bali in Indonesia and in Mexico (called Bola). These Silversmiths are still primarily using techniques that go back generations, skills taught to them by their father in turn learned from his father. The first step in making a quality Harmony Ball is to obtain a good supply of Sterling Silver which is certified as being 92.5% Silver with the balance being Copper. This is commonly known as 925 Silver. Pure Silver is too soft for making jewellery so it is alloyed with Copper to give it some hardness and stiffness ..... read more

Bola (pregnancy bell) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (Redirected from Harmony ball) A Bola is a bell worn by women on a long necklace during their pregnancy.[1] It is traditionally used in Mexico and Bali and is know under other names, such as harmony ball and pregnancy bell. The ball hangs low on the abdomen so the gentle chime soothes the baby as mother moves. When the baby is born, the baby is believed to be extra soothed by the sound because the child associates it with its time in the womb. References O'Shannessy, Mike. "What is a Harmony Ball?". Categories: Human pregnancy, Types of jewellery. 

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Alternative names for a Harmony Ball include Angel Caller ... Bola ... Chime Ball Necklace ... Bola Necklace ... Pregnancy Necklace ... Pregnancy Gift

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