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Harmony Ball Images - page 6

Harmony Ball Pendants & Harmony Ball Necklaces from Dazzlers

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This is a MUST READ ARTICLE .... Beware 'Fake Sterling Silver' Harmony Balls

As it is with many other items, Chinese manufacturers are producing ‘copies’ of Balinese Harmony Ball pendants (and have been for many years now), and the deception is that these copies are NOT made from Sterling Silver – they are merely ‘coated’ with sterling silver. These Harmony Balls are made from a poor quality Brass alloy or Alpaca, a low grade material made from a hotch botch of minerals (often passed off as Sterling Silver) and then coated. These fake sterling silver Harmony Balls are found on all types of sites on the internet, some are big name reputable sites (read more)


Below on this page are shown images of some of the various types of Harmony Ball Pendants and Necklaces available from Dazzlers Accessories.

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 Harmony Ball Pendant 079 Silver Harmony Ball with Chinese Inscriptions and Red Garnet Gemstone

Harmony Ball Pendant 81 Sterling Silver Harmony Ball with Amethyst Gemstone

Heart shape harmony ball Sterling Silver Heart Shape Harmony Ball with Red Garnet Gemstone

Heart style harmony ballSterling Silver Heart Shape Harmony Ball with Topaz Gemstone

heart shape silver harmony ball Sterling Silver Heart Shape Harmony Ball with Citrine Gemstone


Sterling Silver Heart Shape Harmony Balls


Harmony Ball Pendants are generally a sphere or ball shape hence the name Harmony “Ball” however they come in other shapes. One popular shape for a Harmony Ball is a Heart. These heart shaped Harmony Balls are generally the ornate cage style of woven sterling silver wire or intricate sheet forming a lattice type of effect. The Harmony Chime Ball inside the heart shaped cage is indeed a ball as it is in other Harmony Balls.

The outer cages will vary in shape from a rounded style to an elongated style heart and will vary in size generally between about 16mm and 25-30mm. Many of these Necklaces will be adorned with a gemstone and sometimes more than one. The addition of a colourful gemstone like a red garnet or purple topaz against the sheen of sterling silver really enhances the beauty of these Harmony Ball Pendants. The heart shaped Harmony Ball style is popular as evening wear jewellery because they look so ornate and dazzling, somewhat more so than some of the more typical traditional Harmony Balls.

Harmony Balls are traditionally found in Balinese and Mayan cultures but also appear in parts of India and have been part of the Druid culture for centuries. In Mayan or Mexican culture they are referred to as Bola and as Druid Ball in that culture. Most Harmony Ball Pendants are worn as a Harmony Ball Necklace, either on a Sterling Silver Chain or a leather cord at varying lengths. Worn often in Bali by pregnant women the necklace cored is long so that the Harmony Ball is situated over her bump so the unborn child can hear the soft soothing chime sounds of the Harmony Ball worn by the mother. After the child is born the mother will shorten up the necklace cord so that the Harmony Ball is close to the baby when it is breast feeding with the soothing sound of the Harmony Chime Ball being a calming effect on the baby.

In Bali Harmony Balls are handmade by village silversmiths using traditional methods and skills handed down through generations. Some towns in Bali are in fact well known as centres for the local cottage (village) industry based around the silversmiths, one such town being Ubud. Generally Harmony Ball Pendants are generally made from sterling silver and they form a large part of the silversmiths wares which also include earrings, pendants and bracelets of local design.

HarmonyBallPendant.com offers a good selection of these wonderful handmade sterling silver Harmony Balls and Dazzlers Harmony Necklaces

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