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Known by many names the Handbag Holder is without doubt the most practical accessory a woman can carry in her handbag.

What is one of the biggest issues we Ladies have when seated at a table in a restaurant or a cafe?? Where to put your Handbag so that it is within sight and reach but not in the way!!

On the table? - not enough room & gets in the way, on your lap? - uncomfortable!, or maybe put your handbag on the floor? - hard to get at when you want something from it and too easy to trip over - right?

Here is a very good solution from Dazzlers - the Handbag Holder (a.k.a. Handbag Hanger, Handbag Hook, Bag Hooks, Purse Hooks).

I reckon it had to be a woman who designed this Handbag Holder. Elegantly stylish and very, very practical - fits neatly in your bag, a must have accessory

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handbag holders montage handbag hook 

    Simply Clever

pink rhinestone handbag holder from dazzlers jewellery  Bag Hanging on Handbag Holder from dazzlers jewellery

a must in every handbag - makes a great gift also


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